Je ne Aigrette rien

A new print has begun! Everywhere I went out birdwatching over Christmas, and just about everywhere I've been since then, I saw Great Egrets (also known as Great White Egrets). Just a few years ago it would have been unthinkable to have seen them so easily.

It's my mission this year to make more prints, but better prints and less complicated prints. So the plan for this one is that there will be four colours of ink, but only three rounds of printing. I am hoping that I'll be able to print the last two colours at the same time if I'm careful.

I cut away the parts of the lino block that I don't want to print at all (the paper will stay white). Then I inked up the rest of the block with a pale grey ink. 

Next I'll cut away the parts I want to remain pale grey before printing the next layer of ink, a slate blue/grey.

PS sorry about the awful pun in the title. Really it should say "J'ai une Aigrette Grande" but anyway, you see what I mean.


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